HouseShare 1.3

Make sharing a house as easy as possible


  • Easy to use
  • Supprt for multiple households


  • Scarce options and functionality
  • Design could be improved

Not bad

HouseShare is a billing tool, but with a different approach; it has been specifically designed to track bills in shared flats.

If you've ever shared a flat, you how difficult monitoring and dividing bills can be. Sooner or later you end up forgetting how much everyone has to pay, or having to chase up people because they "forgot" to contribute their share. With HouseShare you can avoid these problems by keeping a detailed and up-to-date record of all the bills that have to be paid, and how much money each flatmate has contributed.

HouseShare is a very simple program, so don't expect any advanced features or extended configuration settings. When launching it for the first time you'll be asked to configure a house (you can track bills for multiple households) and enter the names of all the people who share it. From that moment on, the program is ready for you to enter flatmates' payments and bills.

I think the idea behind HouseShare is good, but the program still needs some polishing around the edges; the configuration menu is clunky and payments are a bit confusing to track.

HouseShare is a simple financial tool that will help you track bills in a shared flat.

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HouseShare 1.3

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